Sex, Spirituality, and Celibacy

Suggested Listening: Fox Tracks — Day 3 by Ludovico Einaudi, Redi Hasa, Federico Mecozzi

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Sex is spiritual. In the famous words of Esther Perel, sex is not a thing we do but a place we go. And every time we engage in kissing, touching, eroticism, it’s like tasting the fruit. The fruit of a land where there’s always exploring to be done, an expansive land that’s as vast and dense as the soul itself, a land with a unique terrain that’s not always soft grass or mild temperatures. If someone isn’t committed to being a long-term partner through the land, one could be left standing alone mid-journey on a steep mountainside unsure of where to turn. Did they fall behind? I hadn’t turned around to check on them for so long.

But if one does find a suitable partner, there is birthed a story of two pioneers that go hand in hand into never before claimed land. A land where violent colonization is a thing of the past, as archaic as treating the act of sex as an act itself. Once our eyes see the light, we step away from darkness. We step away from our former selves, blindly groping around in search of a bosom or shoulders worth laying tired heads on.

So there’s a merit in remaining celibate until the right time. We prepare our minds, strengthen our bodies, and clarify our vision for an arduous yet equally rewarding trek. We prepare ourselves until the right time, when a dependable partner takes our hand, leads when the path gets muddy, waits when our feet need rest, and seeks hidden treasure with equal fervor so as to pass any trying test.

And when the going gets tough, just remember, there is more treasure to be found on a continuous journey that spans a lifetime, than continuously restarting — only to feel sand from the shore beneath your feet, unable to break through the wall of lush green trees, the entrance to the unseen.

“To embrace life, to relax into oneness so that all opposites, including masculine and feminine, find their unity in love, is to be spiritually free.David Deida The Way of the Superior Man



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